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Windham Center School Governance Council Members

  • Kathleen Goodwin - Principal

  • Rose Perry - Parent

  • Gloria Rivera - Parent

  • Stephanie Martinez - Parent

  • Stacy O'Neill - Parent

  • Sheena Martin - Parent

  • Amanda Jimenez - Parent

  • Natasha Akers - Parent

  • Louisa Clauson - Parent

  • Dani Aponte - Teacher

  • Emily Kelly - Teacher

  • Jara Rijs - Social Worker

  • Martha Woods - ELA Content Specialist

Windham Center School Governance Council Minutes—January 19, 2023

 7:30 am (Zoom/in person)

Attendees:  Kathleen Goodwin, Kathy Bentley, Tara Webb, Liz Bates, Emily Kelly, Martha Woods, Jeannine Enamait

Members were introduced.  There were no parents present. Each parent received a personal email and only one parent responded that they could not attend.

Team discussed the difficulty in getting parents and staff to attend and finding a way to accommodate everyone.

Mrs. Webb discussed activating a new crisis team to be trained in CPR/AED in case of a medical crisis.

Next meeting to be scheduled afterschool so that parents and staff may attend at dismissal.