School Governance Council & Parent Teacher Organization Meeting

JANUARY 18, 2024




         Meetings are led by parents. Parents come together once per month to support teachers and students.

   *Translation will be provided for those needed


   To enhance parent knowledge of students’ day-to-day, curriculum, what’s happening in child’ classroom, processes, etc…

   To plan:

  •   Fundraisers

  •       Book Fair

  •      Braided Bread and Cake Roll Sale

  •   Field Trips

  • Family engagement opportunities

·         Parents come to classrooms to help provide support

  After School Activities

  •          5th Grade Social

  •         Home Depot Build Program

  •          100 Day Celebration

  •          Black History Month [February]

  •    This year’s focus is on art

         PTO is looking to fill following roles:

o   President

o   Vice President

o   Secretary



-          Ms. Goodwin is asking Dr. Youngberg to maintain what we have (e.g., staffing and instructional supplies)

-   Will have a vote in May on budget

-   Have $25k in instructional supplies

-  Most of these supplies support additional items for teachers (e.g., recess materials, teacher chairs, desks, etc…)



-          Next will be selling Smencils

  Main Office staff will manage this fundraiser since PTO does not have an established group at this time.

Pencils will be sold for $1/ea and all money will be routed back to PTO to use.

This fundraiser will take place around February 14th.


  •     $355+ needed for Kindergarten trip to Niantic Children’s Museum in March-

       Monetary and chaperone support needed

  •    2nd Grade going to Wadsworth Atheneum in February

  •     3rd Grade will participate in:

  •    Field studies at Hammonasset Beach State Park (Madison, CT) to look for species

  •    Field trip to Mystic Aquarium

  •    Mystic Aquarium in-school visit

  •    4th Grade going to Wadsworth Atheneum

  •     5th grade is participating with EastCONN in Faces of Culture



  •      Teachers (Guilermo, Jara, Colin, & Jose) will bring students on Wednesday, January 24th to BOE meeting

  •    Each school in the district will present highlights.

  •      Meeting will take place at Windham High School but will be held virtually as well. Please attend if you can. 


  •      Parent inquired about after-school program and if it will continue to be funded by the state as it is a very helpful resource.

  •    Ms. Goodwin will look into this and report back.

  •      Parent suggested the PTO meet in person at least once per semester to build a feeling of togetherness.


FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS – February Meeting [date TBD]

  •          Fill vacant PTO roles

  •         Afterschool State Funding Update – K. Goodwin

  •           Review Current PTO Budget

  •          Brainstorm Session

  • Fundraising Ideas

  •    Family Engagement Events

          How can PTO support teachers/students this month?

School Governance Council



Windham Center School Governance Council Members

  • Kathleen Goodwin - Principal

  • Rose Perry - Parent

  • Gloria Rivera - Parent

  • Stephanie Martinez - Parent

  • Stacy O'Neill - Parent

  • Sheena Martin - Parent

  • Amanda Jimenez - Parent

  • Natasha Akers - Parent

  • Louisa Clauson - Parent

  • Dani Aponte - Teacher

  • Emily Kelly - Teacher

  • Jara Rijs - Social Worker

  • Martha Woods - ELA Content Specialist