4H Camperships 2023

The Campership Program provides financial assistance whenever possible to applicants who request it.  Please note that financial assistance is a limited fund and will be disbursed based on the applicant’s financial need and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Every applicant is asked to pay a $60 registration fee toward the program.  Each camper is eligible for one session of Campership.

Please fill out the following online form COMPLETELY:  4H Campership application

Once received, the Campership Committee will review the application and you will be notified by email once the applicant’s request has been processed and accepted.  If we are unable to accommodate your request for assistance, we will return your $60 registration fee.

If you have any questions regarding Camperships or the $60 registration fee, 

please call (860) 974-3379.


WT4H Campership Committee