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Mr. Ryan Ferrer » Mr. Ferrer's Physical Education Class

Mr. Ferrer's Physical Education Class

Welcome students and families to another year at Windham Center Elementary School!
I am excited to be entering my first year at Windham Public Schools, as well as my first year as a professional teacher. I am a non-traditional student who has graduated locally from Eastern Connecticut State University. While at Eastern, I earned a Bachelor's of Science and became certified to teach physical education and health. Prior to my arrival in Connecticut in 2015, I acquired a number of college credits in the North Texas area. Many of those credits contributed to my earing of an Associates of Arts degree in secondary education from North Central Texas College. Though my journey through two different undergraduate programs and move across the country took longer than expected, I gained irreplaceable experiences by working alongside many master teachers.
It is because of my experiences that I have developed a teaching philosophy which is focused on developing the locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills of all students in a fun and safe learning environment. Physical Education (P.E.) class has been transformed from "Gym class", to the style which is called "New P.E.". This more appropriate style of teaching includes well thought out lessons with quality learning objectives that are aligned with the national and state standards for physical education. The ultimate goal for an elementary physical education program is to teach students skills (running, skipping, throwing, catching, dribbling...) in a variety of different contexts so they can use those with confidence and competence in middle school, high school, and for the rest of their lives.
I look forward to this first year and many more. I enjoy providing students with games and activities which allows them to experience success and fun. Having fun and being successful are two of the main components which contribute to participation and enjoyment of lifelong physical activity. 
Ryan Ferrer