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Attendance » Attendance Information for WCS Families

Attendance Information for WCS Families

Keylianis Acevedo
Ailonnie Clemente
Ke’Aniese Nieves
Kyle LaClair
Aaliyah Nessinger
Jack Drobitsky
Marilyn Colon
Audrey Astromowicz
Sebastian Cardoso Hernandez
Mia Gonzalez
Jayden Llanos
Haley McCarthy
Abilaney Rodriguez
Evelyn Stachowiak
Kiera Andrews
Ryleigh Green
Alianna Hernandez
Lexier Mateo
Leonardo Parra
Zayden Rodriguez
Payton Vargas
Aiden McCollum
Grayson Nagel
Noah Williams
Andrew Clauson
Charles DeMarchi
Jack Gagnon
Alyssa LaChappelle
Daniel Pedraza
Aleah Cortes Rivera
Janelys Diaz Rodriguez
Angel Hernandez-Charlotten
Maria Perez Soto
Genesis Rodriguez
Thalia Rodriguez



Bella Alvarado

Aria Beutler

Edmarie Burgos

James Burns

Areia Campbell

Di’Anity Clime

Audrey Cunningham

Preston Frappier

Madeleine Gagnon

Allison Garcia

X Lewell Garrison

Anthony Gonci

Brayden Green

Mariah Jimenez

Axel Jung

Sophia Lopez

Carlos Lopez Acosta

Josliany Morales

Jorge Nieves

Kayden Rivas-Simmons

Armani Santana

Cody Sideris

Elizabeth Stachowiak

Jude Yorgensen

Ivan Astromowicz

Avery Barrea

Mason Crooms 

Ariana Daley

Emily Franceschi

Luke Gagnon

Yandel Gonzalez

Brianna Higney

Jetzabel Javier Mejia

Genoria Jung

Felicity Lebron

Tiffany Martinez

Alaina Quintana

Lucas Quintana

Jayden Suarez

Shannon Wieland

Jose Brito Colon

Anaya Cortes Rivera

Micah Crooms

Ziabriel Diaz Rodriguez

Remi Halle

Liliana Hesselman

Guillermo Jimenez

Emma Livsley

Yenedith Maldonado

Kamille Martinez

Larialys Martinez

Jaxziel Martinez

Aneishalys Mejia

Makenzie O’Neill 

Azrael Ortiz

Lilyana Pescetello

Aaron Ramos

Alianis Rios

Michael Segarra

Maysie Strickett

Juan Tzunux



Your child’s attendance is tracked on a daily basis by Windham Center School and by Central Office staff. There are procedures that we are expected to follow if your child has had absences that are not excused. We know that children get sick and sometimes there are appointments and other transportation issues, however after 9 absences in a school year, absences require a doctor’s note.

First and foremost, all these steps are in place to ensure that your child is safe at school and that they are receiving the education they deserve for a successful future.

Attendance Steps

  1. Office staff will contact parent/guardian if student is absent that day and parent has not notified the school.
  2. A letter will be sent home for children who have been absent 3 times.
  3. Office staff will contact parents during the week for student with multiple absences to offer supports and review attendance policy.
  4. A letter will be placed in the student’s file once a student has had 6 absences.
  5. A Home Visit from the Social Worker and Family Liaison will occur at 8 absences depending on the individual situation and communication from parent/guardian. 
  6. A PPT will be conducted at 10 days of unexcused absences.
  7. A referral to the Department of Children and Families will be made if there are more than 10 unexcused absences or there is a pattern of multiple absences that affects the students’ ability to make progress in the educational setting.